How to Read Nutrition Information → Food Labels EXPLAINED

EEinwpLearn how to read nutrition information on another level! Food labels EXPLAINED.
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This video will teach you how to read nutrition labels properly. We’ll go through a bunch of different nutrition labels and show you the specific things you should be looking for on a food label.

We want foods that are high in nutrients and we want to avoid empty calories. You’ll learn about calorie density and other nutrition label reading basics in this nutrition label video. Ingredient quality matters just as much as calories. Once you understand your nutrition labels, you will have more control over what goes into your body.

After this short lesson on food labels 101, you will be better at understanding food labels and be able to improve your diet. With this knowledge, you should be able to take the next step on your diet and health goals!

**The Great Grandmother Rule**:
If your Great Grandmother wouldn’t recognize something as food, you probably shouldn’t eat it!

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