Essential oils by ULTIMATE AROMA 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Oils kit- Top 6 Aromatherapy Oils Gift Set-6 10ML(Eucalyptus, Lavender, Lemon grass, Orange, Peppermint, Tea Tree)


Essential oils Best Possible Collection Essential oils essential Oil set, some of our most POPULAR & IN-DEMAND Essential Oils. Our Goal is to provide you with an essential oil set that would accommodate your day-to-day activities. This unique sets oils ranges from Sweet Orange oil with its energetic scent to peppermint oil which offers the most refreshing aroma whenever it is used. Also included in the set the Lavender Essential Oil which everybody just loves. Why Choose PURE AROMA Oils All Oils are 100% Pure Natural Oils. No Additives, Fillers, Bases or Carriers Added.Hand-Picked Selection From Different Countries such as, FRANCE, AUSTRALIA , BRAZILMost Popular and In-demand Gift Set (Sweet Orange, Lavender, Tea Tree, Lemongrass, Peppermint, Eucalyptus)Ideal Oil Set For Aromatherapy & Relaxation Therapeutic GradeWorks Perfect with Any Essential Oil Diffuser such as Innogear Top Benefits of each Oil1. Lavender Oil – Ease nervous tension with its pleasant aroma.2. Tea Tree Oil – Contains Antimicrobial properties which can kill off Bad Bacteria, it is also used as a Organic Household Cleaner3. Eucalyptus Oil – Often used for Natural Air Purifier & Hand Sanitizer 4. Sweet Orange Oil – Widely used in Kitchen Cleaners + Provides a very Positive & Uplifting Scent5. Lemongrass Oil – Natural Deodorizer + Sleep Aid, Due to it’s Comforting & Soothing Scent6. Peppermint Oil – Associated with Sinus Care by Relaxing Muscles in your Nasal Passage . Reduces Hunger Cravings + Natural Energizer.Provided by ( 100 % Satisfaction Buy NOW To Get Your Essential Oil Set. Upcoming Oils From PURE AROMA Verbena, Vetiver, Wintergreen, Valerian , Yarrow, Yarrow Tea, Ylang Ylang, Citronella, Clary Sage, Cleaning blend, Clementine.