PIMP MY SALAD Vegan Hemp Parmesan Cheese Substitute | Keto, Gluten Free, Paleo, Dairy Free | Meal & Salad Toppers Made with Whole Food Ingredients | Eco Jar | 4.2 oz

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GO BEYOND SALAD: Add our vegan, paleo and crunchy toppings to your favorite salad or add a burst of flavor to your avocado toast, rice bowls, baked potatoes, pasta dishes or soup. Superfood seasonings to complete any meal or snack. Great for travel or at home cooking

PLAY WITH YOUR FOOD: Take meals to the next level with vegan flavor boosts and make healthy eating effortless. From post-workout meals to family dinners, a heart-healthy taste even your kids will enjoy. Nutritious alternatives to croutons, bacon bits, and wonton strips

FIND YOUR FLAVOR: Plant-based, paleo salad topping mixes to add flavor to your healthy cooking creations. Everything from vegan hemp parmesan to coconut bacon to spiced sunflower seeds

HEALTHY INGREDIENTS: Made with antioxidant-rich and mineral-rich ingredients like sunflower seeds, coconut, organic hemp, nutritional yeast. Add texture, color, and nutrition with our dairy and meat alternative flavorings

SEASON CLEAN: Stay on track with a healthy lifestyle and wellness goals. All the flavor you want with zero of the guilt. Don’t sacrifice taste with our delicious, sustainably sourced ingredients

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