Simple Mills Almond Flour Cracker Variety Pack:, (1) Fine Ground Sea Salt, (1) Rosemary & Sea Salt, (1) Sundried Tomato & Basil, 4.25 Ounce (Pack of 3)



I’ve tried a lot of different gluten free crackers, and these are the closest thing you’re ever going to get to a regular cracker without adding a bunch of gluten replacement junk. I’ve tried the Rosemary and the plain Sea Salt, both of which are pretty good. The rosemary crackers are by far the best, but they are extremely addictive so I’ve only been getting them for special occasions. The package says the box has 4 servings, but I’ve only managed to get about 2. The crackers themselves are crispy and flavorful. They have more of a wheat cracker like texture than rice crackers, but aren’t as hard as ancient grain/seed crackers like Mary’s Gone Crackers. Some of the crackers in the box look a little burnt and are a little dry, but they still taste fine.The sea salt flavor is just ok. They aren’t as flavorful as the rosemary, but I crumbled some up in a bowl of soup and they added a nice crunch with a kind of buttery flavor. The only reason I even have the plain sea salt crackers is because Amazon has messed up my order twice now. I ordered the rosemary crackers and received sea salt, then initiated a return with a replacement and received the sea salt flavor again. I checked my order and I clearly ordered the rosemary crackers, so now I give up. I don’t know what I have to do to get the correct flavor, but I’m not interested in receiving the wrong flavor for a 3rd time so I’ll just keep the sea salt flavor for anytime I just want a plain cracker.The biggest reason for giving this 3 stars instead of 5 though is the cost. Yeah, the crackers are pretty good and the ingredients list is cleaner than most crackers (with the exception of a few brands of rice crackers that don’t use starches like tapioca). I just can’t justify the cost though. If the package was bigger, maybe. I do understand that organic food made with nutrient dense ingredients is going to cost more. I do a lot of organic shopping due to a chronic health condition and am prepared to pay more for everything I eat, but the price of all the products from this brand is just unreal (that goes for the pricing I’ve seen at Amazon, grocery stores, health food stores, and basically everywhere I’ve seen them). I’ve seen the ingredients list and there’s really nothing all that difficult to produce, it’s just using better quality ingredients. For the size of the box and even with the higher quality ingredients I would still only expect to pay a little more than half of the current retail price of these crackers (which would still be pretty expensive crackers when you consider how small the servings are).