Woody Essential Oils Set, MitFlor 100% Pure Aromatherapy Therapeutic Woody Oils Kit Gift for Diffuser Massage. Cedarwood, Birch, Balsam fir, Rosewood, Eaglewood, Nanmu essential oils, 6×10ml



TOP 6 NATURAL GIFT SET: Cedarwood, Birch, Balsam fir, Rosewood, Eaglewood, Nanmu. The 6 different origin pure woodsy essential oils set will make you like breathing in the forest all the time.

BOTTLED in USA: 100% pure essential oils kit, easy-use droppers for the diffuser, humidifier, aromatherapy, air freshening, massage, spa, etc. It will supply a joyful, healing, relaxing aroma.

DIY MIX and MATCH SCENTS: Blending or dilution your own signature scents into candles, shampoos, lotions, creams, soaps, bath bombs, salves, body and facial scrubs, bath salts, perfumes.

MULTI-SPACE USE: Anti-stress body essential oils are perfect for health and beauty routine, also can be used in yoga, bedroom, living room, bathroom, conference, office, cleaning and home care, car.

BENEFITS of THIS GIFT SET: Essential oils improve on balance, focus, energy, headache and muscle relief. Provide a joy, love, meditation, relaxation, stress relief fragrance.