A Brief Background Absolute Nutrition supplies herbal diet supplements that help you to lose weight and gain overall fitness. One of the first products that they introduced to the market was the CBlock, an ephedra free diet supplement that was meant for those who were on low carbohydrate diets. The supplement helps to block carbohydrates and hence adds to the effects of the low carb diet. One of their other major products is Watershed, another herbal diet with the specific role of helping you to lose weight accumulated from excess water stored in the body. Both these products have stood the test of times and have pleased thousands of customers who have tried them. In the following section of the article we will discuss in more detail about the various supplements of Absolute Nutrition and the benefits of each. The supplements that we will discuss include CBlock, Watershed, NoPHEDRA, and Thyroid T3. CBlock The problem with most diets is not the diet itself but sticking to it. Sticking to any kind of new diet is difficult because our body is not used to it and will always send conflicting signals to our brains. A low carb diet has often been seen as one of the most difficult diets to stick to. So many of us who begin experimenting with the diet give up midway, even after there were indications that the body was responding well to the new diet. This is where CBlock steps in. It helps you block your craving for carbs and that makes it an ideal companion for low carb diets. In fact CBlock is a great supplement even for those who just want to stay away from extra carbohydrate and are not necessarily on a low carb diet. The great thing about CBlock is that it is completely herbal and natural, made from Trim Plex, which essentially is an extract of white kidney bean. The extract has been tested in laboratories for its effect and safety. The supplement is completely free from ephedra, caffeine, and stimulants. CBlock is also very easy to use. All you need to do is to have two caplets of CBlock, quarter of an hour before any starchy meal. You can have CBlock up to three times a day. Watershed One of Absolute Nutrition’s other great formulations is Watershed. As already mentioned earlier, Watershed helps you lose the unnecessary water stored in the body and thus helps you have a body that looks lean instead of appearing bloated. Devoid of any synthetic ingredient, this natural supplement is a combination of potassium, parsley and bearberry that is blended with the stylus of cornsilk, couchgrass rhizome, elecampane root, rose hips, celery seed, goldenrod, and dandelion root. The result is a very strong and effective natural diuretic. And you don’t even need a prescription for the diuretic. It can be bought straight off the shelf or can be ordered online. NoPHEDRA NoPHEDRA from Absolute Nutrition is one of the best fat burning products that is available today in the market. This is one of the handful of supplements that has no ephedra in it and yet delivers results as far as burning fat goes. A few years earlier it was unimaginable to have a supplement that actually helped you to reduce weight and yet did not have ephedra in it. With NoPHEDRA the bodybuilders now have an option to safely tone up their muscles without any risks. It also helps you to control your food intake and helps you in your metabolism.  Thyroid T3It has been proved through experiments that we can reduce our weight through a low calorie, healthy diet. But at the same time studies have also indicated that the effects of a low calorie diet reach a level of stagnation over a period of time. This is where Thyroid T3 can be very helpful as it helps you to reduce weight without substantially decreasing your calorie intake.

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