Nutrition in Human Beings

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NUTRITION IN HUMAN BEINGS: The process of nutrition in human beings is called as digestion. Human beings consist of specialized organs for the process of digestion called as digestive system. Digestive system includes. Alimentary canal: The alimentary canal starts from mouth to anus. Digestive enzymes: The gastric glands that are present in the stomach secrete hydrochloric acid and protein digestive enzymes like pepsin and mucus. The alimentary canal in the digestive system consists of various parts. Let us discuss them in detail.
MOUTH: Mouth is the first part of the alimentary canal. In mouth the food is crushed to generate small particles with small texture with the help of teeth and muscular tongue which helps to move on either sides of the mouth. This process is called as chewing. The crushed food forms into a soft bolus with help of saliva that is secreted by salivary glands. The food we take through the mouth is in complex nature but for absorption into alimentary canal food should be converted into smaller molecules. This can be done with help of biocatalysts such as salivary amylase which is present in saliva. The saliva breaks down complex molecules into simple molecule sugar. Now the food should enter into digestive tube in a regulated manner and processed properly. The digestive canal has a lining of muscles which helps to push food forward. These movements are called as peristaltic movements which occur along the gut. i.e., from stomach to anus.