Nutrition gets personal: ZOE test review

Use this link and code LARA10 for 10% off! The cutting edge precision nutrition research from the PREDICT studies is the foundation of the ZOE nutrition test – thank you ZOE for sending me this product to try out! ZOE tests how your body responds to food using special muffins and profiles your microbiome to score foods, personalized to your metabolism. Subscribe to Nourishable at

Since posting this video, I’ve become an affiliate with ZOE. Use this link and code LARA10 for 10% off!

Check out my interview with Dr. Sarah Berry, one of the lead researchers behind the PREDICT studies underlying the ZOE product:

15:17 update, their recipes now include instructions!

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The PREDICT studies are run by a team of researchers including Tim Spector and Sarah Berry, forming the world’s largest personalized nutrition study. Leveraging a wide array of measurements including postprandial glycemic and lipid responses, time of day, and the microbiome, along with machine learning enables ZOE to predict how individuals will respond to foods.