Whole Food Plant Based Nutrition by Dr. Won

kbOquRDr. Sung Won, MD hosts a free Whole Food Plant Based Diet & Nutrition seminar at Lumin Health Plano campus every 2nd Wednesday of the month. It’s free and all are welcome to attend. It’s also on Facebook LIVE, Sung Won, MD’s page, if you can’t attend the seminar.

Dr Sung Won’s practice consists of minimally invasive spine surgery, Longevity & Regenerative Medicine, and Nutrition counseling.

April’s seminar consists of Introduction to Whole Food Plant Based Nutrition. Each month, Dr Won explores different chronic disease and how nutrition can be utilized to prevent, suspend and reverse the disease.

Do we have healthcare crisis in America?
80% of American’s are either overweight or obese. Additional 8% of American’s are severely obese.
50% of American’s will be either diabetic or pre-diabetic by year 2020.
1 American has a heart attack every 30 seconds
1 American dies from Cardiovascular disease every 40 seconds
Over 800,000 Americans died from Cardiovascular disease in 2017
Over 600,000 Americans died from Cancer in 2017

80% of chronic disease are preventable. It’s time to re-examine our nutrition and learn how we can use food as medicine. Most of the drugs do not cure the disease. They are only managing the effects. Using food as medicine, humans can actually prevent, suspend or reverse the disease.


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Video recording and editing by The Mike and Brian Show. Check out their awesome podcast and YouTube channel.

Also, I would like to thank Fitz Llauder, Bernie Diamond and Hanani Bonda for helping to put the seminar together.