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941IszOHSC offers variety of industry leading Nutrition Courses, especially suitable for new comers.

These nutrition courses online have been specially designed to provide learners with theoretical knowledge and professional skills.

Learn about making healthy food choices,
Avoiding diet related illnesses,
Such as; type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and obesity.

Choose from the number of our fully endorsed Nutrition courses;


Certificate in Diet & Nutrition Level 1
Certificate in Diet & Nutrition Level 2
Certificate in Diet & Nutrition Level 3
Diploma in Diet & Nutrition Level 4
Advanced Diploma in Diet & Nutrition Level 5



On these courses students will explore whole range of new topics covering from nutrition basics, principles of healthy eating, preparing healthy diet plans, to weight control and weight loss programs, depending upon the level of study.

Nutrition courses at OHSC are ideal for the candidates looking to begin a rewarding career in nutrition.
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