Herbalife, A Global Nutrition Company

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Founded in Los Angeles in 1980, Herbalife is a global nutrition company publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE:HLF). Herbalife has more than 7,400 employees, millions of customers and for more than 30 years Herbalife has been committed to bettering the lives of those we touch with products that support and encourage a healthy, active lifestyle.

Learn about Herbalife through the eyes of our Independent Members and Ibi Fleming, Senior Vice President and Managing Director of Herbalife in North America. Ibi Fleming is driven by her passion to help the world feel healthier and more energetic though great nutrition choices.

At Herbalife, we provide the very best nutritional products on the market today. Herbalife products are formulated by proven science to help people enjoy a healthy, active life while meeting their weight management needs. Herbalife products can help customers lose weight, gain muscle and improve their overall energy. The key? Independent Herbalife Members who care about their customers’ success and work with individuals to build a plan that will meet their unique needs.

People around the world benefit from Herbalife. They believe in the quality of the nutrition products when used as part of a healthy active life. They understand the opportunity to earn additional income comes with hard work. As a company that started back in 1980, millions of people have had a great experience with Herbalife and they continue to share the news that we can all feel better with a healthy, active lifestyle.

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Herbalife products are based on proven nutrition science, a commitment to ongoing nutrition research and development, a rigorous quality assurance program and the control of product integrity from ‘seed to feed.’ Herbalife’s products are not medicines and Herbalife does not make disease diagnosis, prevention, treatment, or curative claims — but Herbalife products can be used as part of a healthy and active lifestyle.