WHAT WE EAT IN A DAY – our diet and nutrition while training for a half-Ironman triathlon

2A4EIsWhen you train a lot, you have to eat a lot. This is a look into an average day of triathlon training and eating for us. On today’s schedule: 3hr bike ride with 2hrs at @70.3 pace, 1hr swim, and a whole lot of fueling before, during, and after. But more importantly: BIG DAY OATS, tacos, chicken parm sandwiches, and a spaghetti squash extravaganza. We rarely cook with recipes, so we aren’t going to give you any either–we aim to inspire (and impress) with our creations and hope you come away from this video ready to have fun with your meals (and not disgusted with us by how we eat). We like to show, not tell, so buckle up for a wild ride. No food was left uneaten in the creation of this video.

We’re Jenna and Miguel–

With humble roots as college swimmers and academics, we’ve worked hard to become two of the country’s leading age-group triathletes, and are now on a mission to become professional athletes and content gurus. We swim-bike-run together, eat together, sleep together, do actual work next to each other, and make videos together for our own enjoyment and (someone’s?) education.

Throughout our documented journey, watch how a couple of ambitious 20-something-year-olds work towards their ultimate life goals in a disciplined yet untraditional, not-so-serious manner.

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