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Our primary focus is on educating the learners, as for them to attain academic achievement through learning-centered education, outcome-based and constructivism. To become a wisdom graduate, learners combine what they have learned so far with the new knowledge, and with experiential learning activities

Program’s Expected Learning Outcomes
The graduates of the program must have the following competence:
1. Evaluate situation and problems in food and nutrition at national and/or international levels by integrating knowledge in food science for nutrition to prevent and reduce the risk, and solve the nutrition problems
2. Develop, adapt and implement research methodologies to extend knowledge in food science for nutrition by conducting research on foods and food products for health
3. Demonstrate characteristics of leadership, interpersonal and teamwork in working along with general management necessary for food business
4. Deliver knowledge and ideas in the areas of food science for nutrition

Opportunities of the graduates
• Scholars, executives, or entrepreneurs in food and nutrition-related business
• Researchers in an academic institution, research facility, food industry, and public and private agencies related to food and nutrition research
• Academics in an institution of higher education which provides educational programs related to food science and nutrition, and health sciences
• Consultants on food and nutrition-related projects to public and private agencies, international organizations, research projects, health promotion units, and food industry

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