How Should Athletes Diet? | High Performance Sports Nutrition Tips For Athletes

What foods should athletes eat? How should athletes diet? These are questions that athletes and coaches ask all of the time. Olympic Strength and Conditioning Coach Dane Miller breaks down his best nutrition tips for athletes in High Performance Sports. These are the same guides we use in planning nutrition for our Olympic level and professional athletes and want you to achieve your athletic dreams by improving your diet and nutrition. Check it out and stay tuned till the end of the video ?

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What Is Garage Strength? – 0:00
Why Is Nutrition Important For Athletes? – 0:30
What does calories in and calories out mean? – 1:20
How to lose weight when you’re fat – 4:18
Athlete Diet and Nutrition Tip #1 – 5:26
Athlete Diet and Nutrition Tip #2 – 7:25
Athlete Diet and Nutrition Tip #3 – 9:06
Athlete Diet and Nutrition Tip #4 – 11:15
Athlete Diet and Nutrition Tip #5 – 12:45
Try Our Nutrition Program or FREE Nutrition Guide ? – 14:25
Learn more about Athlete training and Nutrition – 16:15

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