How an Herbalife Coach Inspires Her Community Through Her Nutrition Club | Herbalife Nutrition

Meet Nancy, a former preschool teacher who became an Herbalife Nutrition distributor. She’s a wife and a mother to four children. She’s also a driving force helping change the lives of those in her community.

When Nancy became an independent distributor, she got to set her own schedules and operate a business under her own terms, allowing her to live life with more freedom and flexibility. More than that, she is helping her community get active and improve their wellbeing through her Herbalife Nutrition Club.

“At our Nutrition Club, we get to interact with the locals and encourage them to lead a healthy, active lifestyle. It’s a lot of fun, and I like the idea of being somebody who inspires a community. I think it’s a good example for my kids,” says Nancy.

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