watermelon nutrition

http://chefdepot.com/cutlery.htm Who would have thought the common watermelon packed so much nutrition? Watermelon has the most nutrition per calorie compared to most foods. Besides great taste, it’s an excellent source of Vitamin C, which a major antioxidant. It has a high beta carotene concentration, with vitamin A and B as well. These help support good eyesight and prevent glaucoma. High intakes of combined beta-carotene and vitamin C have demonstrated, through clinic & scientific studies, a propensity for warding off various cancers & heart disease, reducing arthritis symptoms, and minimizing asthmatic breathing problems. A surprise nutrient is vitamin B, especially B1 (thiamine) and B6 (pyridoxine). Thiamine is important for maintaining electrolytes & nervous system signal transmissions in your body. Pyridoxine is essential for enzym functions that converts food into cellular energy.