Hill’s Pet Nutrition: A Step Ahead

At Hill’s, we’re always thinking about what comes next for your pet, so you can enjoy the now. That’s why our biology-based, science-first food is always a step ahead, creating differences you can see, feel and trust — like bright eyes in older pets, proven weight loss for pets with slowing metabolism and second chances for shelter pets.

We believe lifelong health starts with science, which is why Hill’s pet foods are developed with innovative predictive biology — so no matter what, you can feel confident that the nutrition you’re feeding is constantly anticipating your pet’s ever-changing needs.

And when you feed Hill’s, you’re helping more than 100,000 shelter pets get a step ahead, too. Why? Because happier, healthier pets make more adoptable pets, and Hill’s is committed to providing over 800 North American shelters with forward-thinking nutrition to help them find forever homes.

We know that every pet has their own unique journey, so we’re committed to making food that supports them every step of the way. Because whether you’re feeding for everyday health or specialized nutritional needs, every bowl you feed has the potential to bring out your best friend’s best life.