MASEN Aromatherapy Essential Oil Set for Diffuser Popular Fragrance Oils Blends (Lavender, Rose, Lemon Grass, Sweet Orange, Tea Tree, Peppermint) Long Lasting Scents 6 * 10ml



Specification: Net Weight: 220gPackage Size: 20*9*4cmGross Weight: 360gEssential Cure: Let the magical scents of Mother Nature soothe, cure, and revitalize. Pair it with the carrier oil and absorb the benefits of Essential Oils directly through massages, or enjoy a calm aromatherapy session through oil burners and vaporizers. Aromatheropy Function: Lavender (10ml): The most popular scent that recovers, relaxes, and exhilarates,oxidation resistance. Lemon (10ml): Citrus flavored, purifies and refreshes the air, also calms and sedates, relieves the pressure and give you a good sleep Peppermint (10ml): Soothes, clears and stimulates your nerve, keep away from mosquito and other insects and for when you need a clear mind Rose (10ml): Improve mood and reduce anxietyTea Tree (10ml): Known as the healer, effectively cures fungal infections and boosts skin supplenessand improve immune system Sweet Orange (10ml): The fruit of joy, uplift your mood with a slice of sunshine in the scent Package Includes: 6* Bottles (10ML Each) Aromatherapy Essential OilsSafety warning: 1. For external use only, avoid to touching liquid with eyes, keep children out of reach.2. If pregnant, please consult your health carer before using it.3. Rub a little bit of it on the inside of your elbow to test for any allergic reaction before use.4. When the product is open, keep the bottle cap closed when not in use5. Should be far away from high temperature, high humidity.