Woolzies 100% Pure & Natural Top 3 Cozy Fireside Essential Oil Set | Premium Oils incl. Cedarwood Vanilla & Sandalwood | Highest Quality Aromatherapy Therapeutic Grade Oils | Great Scent for Spa/Home



NATURAL HEALING POWERS! Cozy Fireside Essential Oil Collection is made up of three sweet and warming oils that will evoke a relaxing and cozy fireside atmosphere in your home! These are calming oils that enhance mental clarity and mood. Promotes healthy skin and hair and fights inflammation. Supports a healthy respiratory system. Boost your energy levels & your spirit safely and naturally with premium cozy fireside oils!

ALL-TIME FAVORITE! HIGHEST QUALITY INGREDIENTS! Woolzies Cozy Fireside Set includes three premium, high-quality oils. It contains 100% Pure Vanilla, Cedarwood, and Sandalwood Essential Oil. They have a beautiful smell that will relax the mind and body! It can be inhaled, diffused, and applied topically in skincare and massage. Become calm, relaxed, and happy in an instant with a simple drop!

EXTERMINATE NATURALLY! Cedarwood oil repels insects naturally! Simply dilute cedarwood oil in water and spray infested area every day for a week and then once a week from then on for a bug-free house!

100% PURE & UNDILUTED! Woolzies Essential oils are highly concentrated, cold pressed, vegan, naturally derived, never tested on any animals, 100% pure and free of synthetic ingredients, parabens or artificial fragrances, delivering the very best benefit. Woolzies cozy fireside set is the Highest Quality Aromatherapy Therapeutic Grade Essential oils. Each bottle is tested by an independent lab for its constituents as well as to have no fillers, and additives.

YOUR SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – Woolzies is dedicated to bringing you safe, natural products that are great for your family and the environment. If you don’t love our Cozy Fireside Essential Oil Set, we will give your MONEY BACK. Just contact us in case of any issues for a complete refund