Nutritional Psychiatrist Shares Diet Mistakes that Cause Depression and Anxiety | Dr. Drew Ramsey

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Do you ever feel like you´re losing enthusiasm for life and struggling to enjoy the things that would usually make you happy? Initial signs of depression and anxiety can manifest through minor issues like losing your nerves about your in-laws or getting angry for no reason at all. But what if there is a way to fight depression with the food you eat? What might surprise you: Your current diet might be the source of your anxiety and depression. Your mood is directly impacted by what you eat. With the proper evidence-based nutrition, it is possible to take control of anxiety, boost your mood and live a life full of joy. In this episode of Health Theory, Tom Bilyeu is joined by Nutritional Psychiatrist, Men’s Health advisor, and author Drew Ramsey to discuss such matters and more as they explore the current state of depression. They also explain why nutrition is the easiest way of influencing depression positively and uncover a psychological lever to reduce your anxiety. Furthermore they disclose the way your anxiety is influenced by the foods you eat, which foods you should avoid and finally why you shouldn´t lose hope if you currently struggle with mental illness.


The current state of depression. [01:05]
Why nutrition is the easiest way of influencing depression positively. [1:25]
A psychological lever to reduce your anxiety. [2:41]
How your anxiety is influenced by the food you eat and the food that causes Tom anxiety. [3:36]
What creates lasting change, and how to lead with kindness to change behavior. [6:44]
Why most diets fail. [8:40]
The food basics almost every Nutritional Psychiatrist agrees on and why they matter. [9:25]
Drew reveals the things that are NOT part of every good diet. [12:03]
One thing Tom and Drew disagree on. [14:29]
Why knowing where your food comes from can help you cure loneliness. [19:11]
The big benefits of eating seafood and the top 3 kinds of seafood to beat depression. [24:40]
How Omega 3 fats in seafood work like snipers in your immune system. [28:00]
Drew´s on being vegan and which fats are bad for you. [30:25]
What you should rather do than buying expensive tests and supplements. [33:35]
How moving away from New York to a farm improved the mental health of Drew. [34:34]
Why you shouldn´t lose hope if you currently struggle with mental illness. [42:29]


“It´s an epidemic. Everything is going up. Depression is up…Recently showing male depression is up 60-70% over the last 12 months.” [1:05]

“They found that the risk of depression during quarantine, if your nutrition is bad, went up over 1000%.“ [1:55]

“There are foods that people need to cut out of their diet. Diets need to change drastically…” [7:15]

“All good diets are lacking ultra-processed foods. The reason I think they´re evil because of the way they increase inflammation.” [12:12]

“We did a research study where we said: When we look at all the literature, what are the top nutrients that are most important for brain health and helping depression? Twelve nutrients stand out. So we asked ourselves: What foods have the most of these 12 nutrients? Aside from plants, 3 of the top 5 foods were seafood.” [26:00]

“I have treated people with every type of mental illness, and it´s actually what gives me hope. It´s what gives me strength and resilience. I have seen people who have it so hard with what happens in their minds, and to see them just do amazing things: Start companies, have families, whatever it is, makes me very hopeful.“ [42:57]