What is Nutrition | Explained in 2 min

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In this video, we will explore What is Nutrition
I believe that this is one of the fundamental cornerstones of a successful lifestyle.

Nutrition is the study of how food and drink affect our bodies with special regard to the essential nutrients necessary to support human health.
Nutrition is the secret ingredient when it comes to our health, well being and success because a healthy body supports a healthy mind.
Many people want to become more productive, have more energy and better health, but they pay very little attention to their nutrition.
Food is also main component when it comes to your body composition. Want to lose weight or gain muscle? All you have to do is to adjust your diet and results will come.
But nutrition is not just about the food itself, but how you approach and integrate it into your daily life.
Many people don’t optimise the process of Meal planning, Shopping, Cooking and therefore they waste a lot of precious time.
You could save upwards to 10 hours every week if you streamline this process and that is a lot of time.
Poor nutrition can lead to a lack of energy, digestive problems, food allergies, weight gain, depression and anxiety.
So it is important that you develop a nutrition plan that supports the goals that you want to achieve in your life.
And that doesn’t mean that you can’t treat yourself. As a rule of thumb, you can have 1 cheat meal per week.
I think that developing a good meal plan for yourself and your family is a great investment in your life.

I hope that you enjoyed this video and I was able to give you a quick summary of what Nutrition is and what role it plays in our life. _________________

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