Vitamins & Minerals – Nutrition Fundamentals

Vitamins and minerals are the micronutrients essential for good health. In this video you’ll learn easy ways to increase the vitamin and mineral content of all of your foods!

Discover your full potential through healthy, whole and conscious eating! Sarah Britton’s Nutrition Fundamentals series will help you understand how plants, whole grains and their nutrients can fuel you to be your absolute best!

Each video discusses one of the “Seven Essentials” of a healthy diet: protein, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, water and digestion. We’ll break down why each is important for the active person as well as how to incorporate more of it into your diet with easy-to-replicate recipes and helpful tips and tricks. By gaining a solid understanding of these fundamentals, you’ll have the tools to get creative in your own kitchen based on a real understanding of why they are good for you!

This series was developed with athletes in mind because what we eat directly relates to our performance and recovery. You’ll learn specific nutritional needs based on activity level so you can incorporate this information into your active lifestyle.


Sarah Britton (BFA, CNP) is a Holistic Nutritionist and Certified Nutritional Practitioner. Following her philosophy of “making healthy choices every day” she has been creating recipes for her readers all over the world since 2007.

Winner of the 2014 Saveur “Best Food Blog – Special Diets Blog” Awards, Sarah currently teaches cooking classes, runs workshops on detoxification and cleansing, food as medicine, and nutrition fundamentals. She creates exclusive menu plans and recipes for various media and gives lectures and speaks in public forums such as TEDx.

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