Nutrition During Pregnancy

As a continuation of the Grow Great series, this video delivers key messages about nutrition during pregnancy. The main character in this video has found she has new food cravings and preferences during her pregnancy, and needs to learn healthy nutrition habits to help her baby grow and develop properly.

This video explains the following concepts:
• The connection between mother’s nutrition and their baby’s growth and development
• The importance of recommended supplements
• How often to eat throughout the day
• The types of food important for a healthy pregnancy
• The importance of drinking water when thirsty
• The screening process for malnutrition
• How to practice good hygiene when preparing food and drink
• How good nutrition is important even after delivery, while breastfeeding is the sole source of baby’s nutrition.

The Digital Medic team worked with the Grow Great campaign in South Africa to develop the script, art, animation and food photography for this video. A team member even cooked in their own kitchen to create the perfect Vetkoek.

The Grow Great campaign is a national movement to end stunting in South Africa by 2030. The Grow Great educational series promotes healthy behaviors among caregivers during the most important development period in a child’s life: the fi­rst 1,000 days (conception – 2 years old).

At Digital Medic, we are a part of the Stanford Center for Health Education and represent the University’s commitment to improving health worldwide.

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