Added Sugar on the Nutrition Facts Label? Sweet!

K29QFDTo help us meet our nutritional needs, it’s important not to exceed 10% of our total daily calories from added sugars, according to The Dietary Guidelines for Americans. But this can be challenging because sugar is added to a lot of packaged foods. It’s also sold and consumed as single-ingredient products, such as honey, pure maple syrup, and granulated sugar. So, how much sugar are we eating? The following changes to the Nutrition Facts Label will help us figure it out.

Most packaged foods will soon need to declare the amount of added sugar in grams along with the percent daily value. Certain cranberry products may also include a statement outside the Nutrition Facts Label explaining that the sugar was added to make the tart fruit taste sweet. In single-ingredient sugar products, the labels will only list the percent daily value for added sugars per serving, to show they are a sugar added to your diet. You may also see a footnote that provides more information on how much sugar these products add to your diet.

Either way, as you decide what foods to choose, the Nutrition Facts Label is there to help.

Visit FDA’s Added Sugars Guidance for Industry webpage to learn more: