Cat Nutrition: The Food, The Bad & The Ugly: Part 1: Dry Food!

Howdy paw-tna’! In this town we take cat nutrition VERY seriously. Part one of our saga is a showdown between and one of my oldest nemesi – he’ll two-step into your homestead like a long-lost family member. Before you know it – you and your cat will fall under his spell! His name? … KIBBLE.

This is a topic I am truly passionate about. That said, I am by no means a specialist, a vet, or a nutritionist. That’s why I urge you to do your own due diligence. Here’s some great info to get you started…

Check out some of my most trusted sources when it comes to learning what dry food does to your cats:

Dr. Jean Hofve
check out this article from

For a great deep dive into everything regarding the best things to feed your cat:

Dr. Lisa Pierson: I’ve learned so much from Dr. Pierson… just take a look at her website:

Dr. Karen Becker: many great articles including this one:

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