Nutrition Therapy Overview: Specialty Diets, Administration Methods & Benefits | Lecturio Nursing

In this video “Nutrition Therapy Overview: Specialty Diets, Administration Methods & Benefits” you will learn about:
►the benefits of adequate nutrition and the positive effects this has throughout the body.
►The Benefits of performing a Nutritional Screening, and review what a nutritional screening entails
►the different types of nutrition: Oral, Tube Feeding, Supplements, Tube Feedings, IV Fluids, TPN
►the different specialty diets and what makes them unique: Renal Diet, Diabetic Diet, Low Sodium Diet, High Caloric Diet, High Protein Diet
►the different Diet Consistencies : Liquid Diet, Surgical soft Diet, Mixed Consistency Diet, Ground Food Diet, Chopped Food Diet, Regular Diet.
►the different types of Diets such as NPO, Clear Liquid Diet, Full Liquid Diet, and Soft Diet and who they are best indicated for

00:00 Considerations when evaluation nutrition
00:30 What are the Benefits for the Body of having good nutrition?
01:57 What is Nutritional Screening?
02:32 What are the different types of Nutrition?
04:23 A review of Specialty Diets: Renal diet, diabetic diet, etc.
05:00 Diets with Specific Consistencies: liquid, surgical soft, etc.
05:39 What does NPO Mean?
06:02 What is a Clear Liquid Diet, and who benefits from it?
06:20 What is a Full Liquid Diet, and who is it indicated for?
06:57 What is a Soft Diet, and who is it indicated for?
07:21 What is a Pureed Diet, and who is it indicated for?

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► THE PROF: Samantha Rhea MSN, RN has been a nurse since 2008 and a nursing faculty teacher since 2012. She has been recognized for clinical excellence as an interventional cardiology nurse and also led a Joint Commission Accredited Stroke Center. Ms. Rhea is an award-winning expert in clinical teaching and continues to maintain a current clinical practice and teaches at a University nursing program.

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