The Big Questions In Climbing Nutrition: Protein, Recovery & Vegetarians

IG6NA4Nutrition for climbing can be quite a complex topic – in a way it’s very similar to the physical training. There’s a lot of moving parts which interact with each other in a multitude of ways and many of us spend years trying to understand how it all works!

In today’s video we’ve got Tom sat down with Mina and really dialling things back to “the basics” in terms of nutrition. What are those key things that really make a BIG difference and items that you should aim to address as a matter of priority. For sure, there are some interesting, geeky things that can be done with supplements, micronutrients, periodisation and diet strategies, but we’d like to point out that these things should ONLY be focused on once you’ve sorted many of the items/themes in this discussion today.

If you’re unsure if you’re hitting these key areas yourself, have a look at Mina’s bespoke nutritional reports which are at the cutting edge of what’s being done in climbing nutrition at the moment. Everything is built into our own platform, you submit food diaries, we break it all down and tell you want really matters going forward. Even if you’re not interested in working on a 1:1 nutritional plan afterwards, there’s so much value and detail to use in your training AND performance!

Intro: (0:00)
Advice on nutritional intake for climbers: (0:47)
Signs of under-fueling: (4:18)
How long before a session should you eat?: (6:18)
Advice for vegetarians: (8:55)
Is whey protein useful?: (12:23)
Nutrition tips for people who spend lots of time working: (13:24)
Advice for recovery: (16:30)
Outro: (20:10)

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