Nutrition: What can colleges do better?

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Students face many challenges to maintaining a healthy diet in college. What can schools do to better support them? The “freshman 15” seems like an outdated concept but students are still affected by it. Add on to that the pressures of social media, growing food insecurity among students and…something needs to change.

Best Colleges teamed up with @Healthline to examine pressing nutrition issues for college students today, hearing directly from current students. The Student Body series is a collaboration between Healthline and Best Colleges exploring health & wellness in college today.

Healthline offers some strategies for college students to manage diet & weight (and avoid the proverbial, problematic “Freshman 15”) in healthy ways:

The Student’s Guide to Nutrition

The data in this video comes from Best Colleges studies that have shed light on health and wellness concerns in higher education:

College Student Mental Health Report

At Best Colleges we know that you can only thrive academically when you feel good physically and mentally. Here’s our health and wellness resource hub for students:

Health & Wellness

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