Reading Nutrition Labels for Kids Part 1 HPC: E12

Wish your kids understood what was in the food they eat? Here’s a tutorial from the voice of healthy kids cooking, elementary teacher and mom of 4. Grab your kids to watch this video which was made just for them!

They’ll learn:

* How to read an ingredients list including those pesky parentheses
* What a calorie is and why we ignore them
* The difference between fat, carbohydrates, and protein calories
* how to remember all the different kinds of fat, which ones we should eat and avoid (careful, you might learn something too!)
* Which ingredient is always bad for us, and all the sneaky ways it hides
* a quick guide to the brand new labels that split out added sugars, and how to interpret those

Take notes and remember what you learn! Print the worksheet out for your kids here:

Watch for more quick videos this week all to help kids learn to own their own house and understand how food works!

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