Nutrition as a Modifier in Health and Performance With Mary Dan Eades, M.D.

The first session of the 2022 CrossFit Health Virtual Conference, held Jan. 21-22, focused on the role of nutrition in optimizing health and performance. The session’s three speakers, moderated by award-winning journalist and author Gary Taubes, explored the benefits and applications of specific, targeted dietary interventions, including fasting, low-carbohydrate diets, and nutritional ketosis.

Mary Dan Eades, M.D., was the second presenter of the session. In this presentation, Eades notes nutrition literature strongly supports the claim that lower-carbohydrate diets can be used to achieve a variety of beneficial clinical outcomes. Such diets have been shown to improve or even resolve obesity, diabetes, and other disorders associated with insulin resistance.

Eades reviews the evidence supporting the use of lower-carbohydrate diets to improve health before explaining the proper formulation of healthy low-carbohydrate diets and how to apply them safely and effectively with patients and athletes. Eades’ presentation ultimately provides an understanding of the optimal use of lower-carbohydrate diets to improve health outcomes, both broadly and for individual athletes.

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